Фрагмент от „чаша с птици“ от Драма-Кайряка

Fragment of a bird bowl from Drama-Kajrjaka


  • Ivailo Karadzhinov Department of Thracian Archaeology, National Institute of archaeology with museum in Bulgarian academy of sciences, 2 Saborna str, 1000 Sofia


The subject of study is a fragment from an East Greek birdbowl, found at the Drama-Kajrjaka site, Yambol district. The glaze coating over the interior of the vessel, certain features in the line of the bird and the presence of only one vertical dividing line between the basic ornaments, allow us to assign it to type IIIb after M. Kerschner, dated ca. 640 – ca. 610 BC. Recent research shows that the vessel is not an isolated find in the Middle Tundja valley.

At a distance of about 30 km to the north, during the excavations of a settlement from the Early Iron Age/the beginning of the Late Iron Age (village of Zavoy), a fragment of a second birdbowl was found. The vessel belongs to type V or VI after M. Kerschner, dated ca. 630 – 590 BC.

At this stage of research the single finds of tableware and amphorae of East Aegean origin dating to the last third of 7th – the beginning of 5th century BC show sporadic import along the river valley of Middle Tundja. In this case the concentration of Aegean materials in Drama-Kajrjaka can be explained both by the significance of the cult site and the availability of iron-ore around the village of Drama, where traces of ancient exploitation were registered.


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