Peer review process

The materials submitted for publication are accepted by the Editor-in-Chief and, after consultation with the other editors, are forwarded to the reviewers.

All articles are reviewed by at least two anonymous reviewers – specialists and experts in the research field. The review process is double blind.

The reviewers commit themselves to read the proposed manuscript critically and in good faith and to put their assessment in writing by completing the review form specifically developed for the journal's needs.

The editor-in-chief and reviewers may recommend changes, reductions or additions to the material that the author is required to comply with. In case of controversial reviews, an arbitration reviewer is called. The Editor-in-Chief (if necessary after consultation with the other editors) decides on the publication of the reviewed manuscripts.

The indirect communication between reviewers and authors is performed by the Editor-in-Chief through the address of the Editorial Board.

The materials in the other sections of the journal are accepted by the Editor-in-Chief and are subjected to a critical reading by him / her and / or another member(s) of the Editorial Board but are not subjected to a double anonymous review.

The accepted materials are checked by the technical editor for the qualities of the illustrative material and the authors are informed of his/her findings.