Ями от късната желязна епоха в границите на антична и средновековна крепост Маркели край гр. Карнобат

Pits from the late Iron Age within the boundaries of the Ancient and Medieval Markeli fortress near the town of Karnobat


  • Rositsa Hristova Historical museum of Karnobat, 4 Dimitar Polyanov Str., 8400 Karnobat


Markeli, Iron Age, pit complex


This article presents the results of the investigation of a group of pits located within the boundaries of the Medieval fortress Markeli, located 7.5 km west of the town of Karnobat. The typological characteristics of the structures found correspond to the characteristics of numerous other structures, associated with pit complexes, which have been previously published in Bulgarian editions. Their contents include coal, ash, stones of various sizes, and animal bones. The most common material is ceramics, which was used for dating, due to the lack of other dating finds. Based on the specifics of the examined fragments, the pottery can be generally dated to the 6th–5th c. BC. The presence of these pits is an indicator of the existence of a settlement, the remains of which are either completely destroyed and scattered, or have not yet been discovered. Due to the small amount studied, for the moment it remains difficult to correctly interpret it.


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