Ями от ранната желязна епоха от обект Черна гора 1, Чирпанско

Early Iron Age pits from Cherna Gora site no. 1, Chirpan region


  • Aneta Petrova National Museum of Military History, 92 Cherkovna str., 1505 Sofia


pits, pottery, Early Iron Age, Thracian valley


The paper presents archaeological research of the Early Iron Аge structures from Cherna Gora 1 site, Chirpan area, Thracian valley, Bulgaria. 28 pits are situated in the southern (one pit) and northern part of the site (seven groups of several intercutting pits). The paper discusses the spatial disposition of the features within the site, in relation to each other and in relation to the Bronze Age ditch. The form and the contents of the pits are examined to find possible intentional deposition of the artefacts. The pottery is also analyzed in terms of potential chronological or cultural differences. Finally, the paper discusses the possibilities for a functional interpretation of the pits.


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