Снаряжението на войската на крал Владислав Варненчик

The armor of the army of King Vladislav Varnenchik


  • Nevyan Mitev PhD Candidate, Department of Archaeology, St. Cyril and St. Methodius University of Veliko Turnovo; 2 T. Turnovski Str., 5003, Veliko Turnovo, Bulgaria


Battle of Varna, armor, Vladislav Varnenchik, campaingn


Based on the large number of historical sources can be assumed that the campaigns of Varnenchik from 1443-1444 are well studied. In recent years, have documented a large amount of archaeological finds – arms, armor, coins. The aim of this study is to make an attempt to describe the armor of the royal army by bringing the majority of published elements of the armor of the crusader army of the Polish-Hungarian king, discovered in northeastern Bulgaria. As well as originals and precise replicas that are kept in the fund of the Park museum of the combat friendship – 1444. The research on the arms and armor of the crusader army complements the sources and brings more clarity on the events.


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