Тракийски ритуални ями от Правешко

The Thracian ritual pits in the region of Pravets


  • Tatyana Borisova Pravets History museum, 4 Todor Jivkov Sqr, 2161 Pravets https://orcid.org/0009-0009-2532-8639
  • Mihaela Zaneva National Museum of History, 16 Vitoshko lale Str., 1618 Sofia


Thracian ritual pits, pits sanctuaries, the cult of the dead


In this article, we present a summary of the 29 ritual pits in the Thracian mounds in the Pravets region. These are facilities related to funeral rituals that serve to connect with the world beyond, places where through fire and sacrifice, living communicate with the dead. They have an important place in the everyday life, thinking and beliefs of the Thracians.

The open pits in and under the mound embankments set up the Thracian sacred places, characterized by ritual pits.


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