Негативни структури с депозити – опит за систематизацията им като обредна практика

Negative structures – an attempt at their systematization as ritual practice


  • Maya Avramova National Museum of History, 16 Vitoshko lale Str., 1618 Sofia


Prehistory, negative structures (pits), anthropology remains


The present article discusses some of the most typical sites, where negative structures with deposits from the Prehistory (Neolithic, Chalcolithic and Early Bronze Age) have been attested. A considerable part of them was interpreted as sacred grounds, on which ritual offerings have been performed. The big number of such sites might naturally cause some embarrassment and might put forward the question of whether it is reasonable to connect all of them with faith and with ritual practices. The solution of the problem with the interpretation of such a vast number of sites, both in their areal, and in their chronological span, requires that they should by systematized in several aspects: chronological and areal distribution, topographic disposition within a certain areal, typology of finds, parallels with neighboring regions and synchronous archaeological sites etc. Based on these criteria, it was concluded that the rites documented in the negative structures of this period have several parallels in the Bulgarian traditional faith and rites in terms of the objects used, the types of rituals performed, etc.


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