Adornments from the necropolis of Church № 2 of Kaliakra


  • Gabriela Raikova Medieval Department, National Institute of Archaeology with Museum, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, 2 Saborna Str, 1000 Sofia


Adornment, jewels, jewelry, necropolis, medieval, Kaliakra


This paper offers a detailed description and analisys of the adornments found on the territory of a necropolis located around church № 2 in the inner city of Kaliakra. Along with other findings in the graves, reburiels and around them (probably from a disturbed graves) 26 applications, 65 earrings, 8 earflaps, 11 rings and 1 pendant were found. The applications for tiaras are 2 types. The earrings are 9 types. The largest type are simple hoops, which could be explained with their cost, fashion tendencies or semantic value. The earflaps are divided into 3 types, one of which has 2 variants. The pendant is just one. The rings are 4 types with variants. The systematization also shows that the preferred material was silver, followed by bronze and copper. This observation along with different types of jewelry and the quality of workmanship provide information about the development of the jewellery industry. The wide diversity is an indication that the necropolis was used by people of different social status. Also the jewelry discovered in the necropolis of church № 2 are widespread not only in Bulgaria, but in many places on the Balkans and in the Eastern Europe. The chronology of findings originating from graves is within the XII-XIV c. From the rings found outside the graves there is one typical for the period from the end of IX to XI c., and three from the XV c. This implies continuous habitation of this location.


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