Problems аnd opportunities of statistical аnalysis of the Chalcolithic house architecture in Northeastern Bulgaria


  • Anton Atanasov Department of Archaeology; St. Cyril and St. Methodius University, 2 T. Tаrnovski Str., 5003 Veliko Tаrnovo


Chalcolithic, Northeastern Bulgaria, architecture, dwellings, statistical analysis, problems, opportunities


The aim of this study is to demonstrate a small part of the opportunities of statistical methods and software for the Chalcolithic dwellings’ architecture. It represents the problems which limit this kind of research. This study utilizes the statistical approach to analyze the Chalcolithic dwellings in Northeastern Bulgaria. The area provides great opportunities. It includes entirely excavated Chalcolithic settlements or ones with completely excavated building layers – Vinitsa, Golyamo Delchevo, Ovcharovo, Omurtag, Polyanitsa, Radingrad and Targovishte. A total of 628 Chalcolithic buildings have been analyzed. The information has been systemized and entered into an electronic table. It has been statistically processed via the statistical software. As a result, a number of conclusions have been drawn. They reflect the chronological dependencies, the exposure, the shape and the size of the dwellings, their inner plan and arrangement.


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