Povelyanovo – a site of the Varna culture


  • Stanimir Parvanov Department of Archaeology, Faculty of History, Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”, 15 Tsar Osvoboditel Blvd, 1504 Sofia


Povelyanovo settlement, Varna lakes region, Late Eneolithic pottery, Varna culture


This paper focuses on the Povelyanovo site, which was found during construction works in April 1970. It is located on the northwestern shore of the Beloslav Lake and geographically falls into the area of Varna Culture. The site wasn`t examined by archaeological excavations and the only known material comes from the dredging works. This makes the material non-stratified, without any data usable for stratigraphic analysis.
There is only one known short notice about the site, with no material published. A problem occurs with the demarcation of the materials, because except for the pottery, the tools can be dated back to either Late Eneolithic or Early Bronze Age, because of their close technological characteristics. The ceramics were stored in the collection of Varna Archaeological Museum and have not been handled or published until now. The pottery is highly fragmented and in a very poor condition due to the long stay in the lake waters. Still, its amount allows technological, typological and ornamentation analyses, which show full similarity with the known pottery of the other Eneolithic sites from the Varna lakes area. According to given parallels, the chronological position of Povelyanovo settlement could be II phase of the Varna Culture, with a possibility of existence in phase III. There are some examples, whose features could define them in earlier stage of the development of the Culture, but for now it is dangerous to conclude that the settlement was inhabited during phase I.


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