Identifying burnt structures in the Rousse Tell settlement: a new perspective to the old data


burnt houses, Rousse, destructions, burnt vessels, Late Chalcolithic


The complexes of burnt houses are one of the fundamentals for studying the material culture of a certain prehistoric community. Even though they are rarely presented in publications, their identification and detailed documentation is of great significance.
The subject of this research are the burnt structures excavated during 1986-1988 campaign in the Rousse tell settlement. Since it was entirely explored during several campaigns, directed by different archaeologists, the information about certain complexes is unequal. Even though houses have been distinguished during this campaign, they do not correspond to the information from the field diaries and stratigraphic profile. The main goal is burnt structures that have been observed on the terrain but never been distinguished as complexes to be re-identified. Bases of the new approach are the field diaries providing data about presence of burnt destructions on a certain spot; and the secondary burnt vessels with same coordinates. As a result, twenty structures with various dimensions and thickness were identified which deliver many possibilities for further analyses.


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