Реконструкция на античния ландшафт на крепостите от Долнодунавския лимес в отсечката между реките Искър и Янтра

Reconstruction of the antique landscape of the strongholds of the Lower Danube limes in the section between the rivers Iskar and Yantra


  • Silva Sabkova Politecnico di Milano, Department of Architecture and Urban Studies, Doctoral Program in Preservation of the Architectural Heritage; Via E. Bonardi 9, 20133 Milano, Italia


Lower Danube limes, landscape, context, transformations, antropological impact, natural processes


The landscape of the Lower Danube Limes as it is known today has been shaped and transformed through the ages. First aim of this paper is identification and analysis of the natural and anthropological processes that have affected the original context of the Roman defensive structures on the Lower Danube in Bulgaria. One of the main points is to define a borderline between traditional and modern relationship between man and environment. Secondly, a reconstruction of the original conditions of the territory is proposed, based on analysis and synthesis of various sources from different areas of knowledge. It is a mean for a better understanding of the relation between sites and their context. As a result, the possibilities for theoretical and practical applications which would contribute for the preservation of the Lower Danube Limes as a cultural landscape are discussed. The study covers a representative section of the Danube, between the mouths of rivers Iskar and Yantra, selected so that the results may be applicable by analogy on other sections.


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