Мода, традиции и великолепие в облеклото на жените, изобразени в тракийските гробници

Fashion, traditions and splendour in the garment of women represented in Thracian tombs


  • Rumyana Georgieva Institute of Balkan Studies with Centre for Thracology, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, 45 Moskovska Str., 1000 Sofia




Ancient Thrace, Thracian archaeology, Thracian tombs, tomb paintings, ancient Greek female clothing, wedding, epaulia


The present article offers analysis of the garments of women represented in the burial chambers of the Thracian tombs at Kazanlak (280–265 BC) and Sveshtari (the end of the first/beginning of the second quarter of the 3rd c. BC). The accompanying accessories, makeup, hair dresses and shoes are also discussed. The women are dressed in a Greek fashion. Some of their garments have specific features and deliver complex, non-verbal messages, while manifesting a social status, identity, rank and personal qualities. Unquestionably, the depicted garments do not represent the usual, for that time in Thrace, clothing, but confirm the observations that the attire of the local elite follows completely the fashionable Hellenistic trends. The established diagnostic features of the garments point to the narratives of the discussed painted scenes: wedding motifs in Kazanlak tomb and a public event with religious and mythological connotations in Sveshtari.


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