Интересна римска тегловна мярка от АР „Деултум-Дебелт“

An interesting Roman weight unit from Archaeological reserve ‘Deultum – Debelt’

  • Petar Balabanov Department of Archaeology, New bulgarian university, 21 Montevideo str., 1618 Sofia
  • Elina Anastasova Department of Archaeology, Faculty of History, Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”, 15 Tsar Osvoboditel Blvd., 1504 Sofia
Keywords: Roman lead weight, AR Deultum – Debelt, Antoninus Pius


An interesting object made of lead was found during the archaeological investigations in the summer of 2013 in the archaeological site of Dobelt, part of Archaeological reserve Deultum – Debelt. It has cylindrical shape and its bottom has been broken in antiquity.
There are traces on the edge of the object suggesting an iron application or a handle. In its current condition the object weights 877 gr. Two imprints from the obverse of Emperor Antoninus Pius’s coins (138-161) are preserved on the surface of the cylinder. According to one of the available analogies, it was considered the that imprints were made of coins struck in 160-161, during the last years of the Emperor’s rule. The object can be interpreted as a standard for weight measures. It weighs two or more Roman pounds. A similar object has never been previously found at the territory of Bulgaria.


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Balabanov, P. and Anastasova, E. (2014) “Интересна римска тегловна мярка от АР „Деултум-Дебелт“”, Bulgarian e-Journal of Archaeology / Българско е-Списание за Археология, 4(1), pp. 51-56. Available at: https://be-ja.org/index.php/Be-JA/article/view/99 (Accessed: 26January2020).
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