Селищната система през античността по горното течение на река Голяма Камчия (по данни от теренна експедиция „Камчия” във Върбишко)

Settlement pattern along the upper course of river Golyama Kamchya in Antiquity

  • Svetlana Venelinova Regional History Museum Shumen, 17 bld. Slavianski, 9700 Shumen


The main source of information for the settlement pattern in the Golyama Kamchia valley are the results of five years field survey “Kamchia” held in the period 2008-2012, as well as the archaeological research in the region over the past 50 years. The article includes a catalogue of 89 sites located along the upstream of Golyama Kamchia river. During the “Kamchia” survey 57 archaeological sites (with a broad spectrum of findings) dating from the Early Iron Age to Late Antiquity were registered.

The occurrence of dense settlement pattern along the Golyama Kamchia River is determined by the strategic function of the Mountain Passes on one hand and by the natural resources of the region on the other – deep river, fertile land and natural protection. There are no archaeological evidence to suggest that a busy trade road passed through the valley of Golyama Kamchia River. On the contrary, the settlements in the region remain separate. The importance of the valley of Golyama Kamchia River during the Iron Age and the Antiquity is determinated by the existence of strategically important passes through Preslav – Dragoevo Mountain and Varbitsa Mountain. The study of the settlement pattern is the result of five years field work of expedition “Kamchia” in the upper course of Golyama Kamchia River.


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