Глинени антропоморфни фигурки от неолитното селище до гр. Върбица, област Шумен

Anthropomorphic clay figurines from the Neolithic settlement near the town of Varbitsa, Shumen district

  • Svetlana Venelinova Regional History Museum–Shumen, 17 bld. Slavianski, 9700 Shumen
  • Valeri Grigorov Department of Medieval Archaeology, National Institute of Archaeology with Museum, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, 2 Saborna Str., 1000 Sofia
Keywords: anthropomorphic figurines, Neolithic, prehistoric art, Ovcharovo culture


The paper discusses ten anthropomorphic figurines that were found during the archaeological investigation of a multilayer site near the town of Varbitsa in 2015 (fig.1). They were found in stratigraphic layers associated with phases Karanovo II-III (cat. nos. 1–7) and Кaranovo II (cat. nos. 9–10) and predominantly represent strongly stylized female bodies. This style is characteristic for the entire Early Neolithic Balkan-Anatolian cultural block. An attempt to render some individualization is visible at one of the figurines whose body is made in a dynamic ‘dancing’ pose and the face expresses a strong emotion (figs. 3.4, 4.4). The typological characteristics of these Neolithic figurines link them to the Ovcharovo culture in Northeast Bulgaria and its variant Samovodene in Central North Bulgaria.


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Venelinova, S. and Grigorov, V. (2016) “Глинени антропоморфни фигурки от неолитното селище до гр. Върбица, област Шумен”, Bulgarian e-Journal of Archaeology / Българско е-Списание за Археология, 6(1), pp. 1-19. Available at: https://be-ja.org/index.php/Be-JA/article/view/24 (Accessed: 13December2019).
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