Southwest Asian founder- and other crops at Neolithic sites in Serbia

Първите доместикати от Близкия Изток и други културни растения от неолитни обекти в Сърбия

  • Dragana Filipović Institute for Balkan Studies, Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts, Knez Mihailova 35/IV, Belgrade 11000
Keywords: Neolithic, central Balkans, Serbia, founder crops, emmer, einkorn, Opovo, Gomolava, Vinča


The paper presents the range of crops documented at Neolithic sites in the territory of Serbia and discusses the differences between early and late Neolithic crop spectra. The approximate timing of arrival to the region of the founder- and other crops is summarised. Further, the degree of use of different crops is explored for the region in general, and for three late Neolithic/Vinča culture sites (Opovo, Gomolava and Vinča) in more detail. Possible patterns in the treatment of crops are identified, such as the likely separate cultivation and processing of einkorn and emmer at Opovo, their probably combined consumption at Gomolava, and the apparent preference for emmer in the final occupation phases at Vinča.


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Filipović, D. (2014) “Southwest Asian founder- and other crops at Neolithic sites in Serbia”, Bulgarian e-Journal of Archaeology / Българско е-Списание за Археология, 4(2), pp. 195-215. Available at: (Accessed: 13December2019).
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