Ножче със сребърен обков от Плиска

Knife with silver casing from Pliska

  • Valeri Grigorov Department of Medieval Archaeology, National Institute of Archaeology with Museum, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, 2 Saborna Str., 1000 Sofia
Keywords: Pliska, knife, Byzantine metal artwork


This report presents a luxury knife with silver. It was found in 2014 during the archaeological campaign in ‘Palace centre – east’ in the inner town of Pliska. The casing has been decorated with various motifs. A major component of this decoration is the image of a lion. The casing is made of silver sheet and the surface of the side depicting the lion is gilded. According to its stratigraphic position the knife derives from the ‘Byzantine’ period of Pliska and its latest date of use is around 1030-40s. The decorative motifs and especially the lion figure put the knife in the cultural context of the Byzantine metal artwork.


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Grigorov, V. (2017) “Ножче със сребърен обков от Плиска”, Bulgarian e-Journal of Archaeology / Българско е-Списание за Археология, 7(2), pp. 275-281. Available at: http://be-ja.org/index.php/Be-JA/article/view/38 (Accessed: 6December2019).
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